Our Goals

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 2.12.25 PM.png

Camping vehicle ---- $130,000

Send 8 children out west ---- $20,000

Send 10 children to NC ---- $10,000

Supplies/Equipment ---- $4,500 ($300 per camper)

Food for a week for 15 campers ---- $2,100

Send one child out west ---- $2,000

Gas for western adventure (Seattle) ---- $1,600

Guide fees out west ---- $1,500

Send one child to NC ---- $1,000

Roundtrip flight out west (for leaders) ---- $600

Gas for NC adventure (Asheville) ---- $300

Our Status

We are beyond grateful for the tremendous support so many have shown since the launch of Julie’s Dream on January 2018. Our fundraising year-to-date as of 3/6/18 was $300,824. We also recently received word that the leadership team at Payscape (a leading payment technology company with HQ in Atlanta) will be donating the proceeds of their annual charity event, Glow on the Green, to Julie’s Dream in 2018. This is a huge honor and we are thankful for the generous support.

Of the money raised, the Board of Directors has voted to allocate the first $100,000 for summer programs at our partner organizations, Agape and Wilderness Works.

Agape runs an eight-week summer program for the students they serve. The program operates Monday through Friday, and Agape leadership has decided to allocate their gift from Julie’s Dream to launch a series of outdoor day trips for their program participants throughout the summer. Some of the destinations they are considering include Kennesaw Mountain, the Chattahoochee River Trails, Amicalola Falls State Park, Sweetwater Creek, and Stone Mountain.

Wilderness Works has decided to allocate the first part of the gift they received from Julie’s Dream for a wilderness expedition in the American West for 11 of the kids they serve. The trip will ran from June 12-28 and will involve three high-school aged students and eight middle-schoolers. They will backpack through Rocky Mountain National Park, Roosevelt and Arapahoe National Forests, visit Moab, UT, and backpack and camp through Canyonlands National Park in Utah. This trip will be chaperoned by two adults including Executive Director Bill Mickler. It will not only be the first time that Wilderness Works has taken middle school students to the American West, but the first time they are giving some of their high school-aged students an opportunity to lead the younger students. With the remaining funds, Wilderness Works will be seeding a fund that will be dedicated for the purchase of an all-terrain recreational vehicle.