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Agape is a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower and support local families in need to discover and embrace their full potential. Agapefulfills this mission by providing programs focusing on character development, family support services, academic achievement, reading proficiency by third grade, successful high school graduation and post-graduation placement.

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Wilderness Works

Children coming from impoverished conditions almost always struggle with issues of abandonment and esteem. Such children are desperate for love and attention and some sense of worth. Children in despairing, neglected circumstances find any attention, positive or not, to fill the gap.

Wilderness Works is a needed positive alternative.

Children in Wilderness Works programming are quite eager to return to the next camp weekend or field trip. Wilderness Works is busy leveraging great enthusiasm. Excited campers make receptive students. The result is Wilderness Works equipping and preparing children with character development, cultural enrichment, experiential education and face-to-face relationship building.

Children participating in Wilderness Works programming are more interested in and better prepared for school, showing improved academic performance, better school attendance, better grades, and improved classroom behavior. Additionally, these children show improved relationships with adults, a new sense of options for their future, improved self-control and ability to express their feelings. Children in Wilderness Works programming exhibit increased self-confidence and a heightened interest in hobbies.

With continued experiences in a positive setting with caring chaperones and mentors disadvantaged children develop a sense of self-worth and hope for the future. Children that might be otherwise tempted now choose to avoid substance abuse, truancy, delinquency and disruptive behavior in school and community.

Wilderness Works is an indispensable community resource as it effectively channels children, and particularly at-risk children, toward a bright and productive future.